Teeny Drones is a Canadian toy drone producer who has set their product apart as the best beginner drone on the market. As leaders in the industry, they have put their focus on education by collaborating on various projects with elementary schools, high schools, and universities, as well as world-renowned doctors, farmers, and engineers.

Teeny Drones created a Family Zone within the Montreal Drone Expo to include four main areas 1) the Education Centre, 2) the Obstacle Course Area, 3) the Flight Simulation Area, and finally 4) the Racer Experience. Each area will have entertainment and activities for all ages, as well as prizes, giveaways, and special surprises.


The Educational Center

If you’ve ever wanted to learn what a drone really is, the Educational Center is the place for you. Families will learn all about what a drone is and what makes it fly. Drones are different and not everyone has seen a drone in real life. A major aspect of the center will be the drones showcase, where families can see drones of all types in the flesh. Families will be able to come close to drones used by professional racers, the tiniest drone on earth, and drones used in the film industry, to name a few. The drone showcase will give families a good sense of how drones are used today in the toy, racing, educational, and industrial industries.

The Obstacle Course Area

Families will watch professional drones racers fly Teeny Drones in challenging and unique obstacle courses. In the Obstacle Course Area families will be able to witness first hand the wide capabilities and full capacities of micro drones. Families will be highly entertained as pilots pull off tricks, flips, and turns for the audience.

The Flight Simulation Area

Ever wanted to touch the sky? In the Flight Simulation Area families will get as close to touching the sky as they can. With this one of a kind experience that mimics as close as possible the experience of flying a drone. Families will get the chance to use a drone flight simulator and act as drone pilots trying to make it through a professional track.

The Racer Experience Area

This area is sure to be a favorite for every single person at the race. In the Racer Experience Area families will see exactly what a racing pilot is seeing as he is flying through the stadium. Families will be able to experience the race through the eyes of an actual racing pilot. By putting on a pair of First Person View goggles connected to the drone of a racer. Families will be flown away to another world.