Nick Iversen - Web Design & Social Media Marketing

Nick iversen has always been ahead of the curve when its comes to trends and is an early adopter which all started at the age of 7 with skateboarding, snowboarding and rollerblading. From there nick got into rc cars, rockets and planes at the age of 12 and moved into downhill mountain biking, paintball, surfing, skydiving and many other extreme sports. Nick found computers at the age of 15 and then left traditional schooling at 19 to go to specialized multimedia design school where he graduated with honours. Directly after that he started his career being an entrepreneur by creating his own web design firm with a friend in 2001. In the last 15 years nick has help many companies become successful online and has also helped co-found many cutting edge startups.  In june 2015 nick was searching the internet and found a drone racing video and that was a start into this incredible fast pated adventure setting his sites at the top of the canadian drone racing market by helping run and operate  FPV MTL, founding the Canadian Drone Academy and the Montreal Drone Expo.    Contact me


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Jason Mainella - Media, Marketing, Sponsorship, General PR

Jason has been obsessed with technology since he can remember. Starting his online life as an "addicted" gamer, Jason soon realized the opportunity for businesses online. He became an entrepreneur of a game server company at the age of 14, and since has been participating in as many tech projects possible, from store ownership to app development. Over the past year, Jason has placed his entire focus on his company Teeny Drones, expanding drone education, and spreading the word about this great hobby, art, and technology. Though he will be participating in the expo as one of the main organizers, his company Teeny Drones is also creating the entire Family Zone, four main areas of all day entertainment. If you do see him during the expo make sure to pick his brain, being known as the drone guy, he's got a lot of knowledge he loves to share.     Contact me



Matthew Zoern - Event Coordinator

In his professional career, Matthew has been at the forefront of emerging game technologies and genres in MMO, mid-core, tablet, mobile and social games. He has built a wide range of experience that allows him to find solutions in a variety of ways, and sometimes non-conventional ways which he brings into the world of FPV and drone racing.
Matthew began FPV Montreal in November 2014 and quickly established the group as Montreal’s Drone Racing community with over 500 members across their social media channels and website. Their success has been recognized by Explora - CBC Canada Television, CTV National News, print media and featured live on CBC Radio Day Break with Mike Finnerty.
Matthew is taking the next step by putting Canada on the world stage of Drone Racing with the Montreal Drone Expo.         Contact me