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Welcome to all pilots across Canada, The Montreal Drone Expo is excited to host the biggest Drone Racing Event & Exhibition to date.

Every pilot will have the opportunity to compete in not 1, but 2 separate race events: The Canadian Drone Nationals, qualifying pilots into the World Drone Racing Championships in October 2016 and The North American Cup, a major event leading into a new racing series. These are two high profile international races where the top 3 spots will with a spot for both final events.

Top pilots from the day will qualify to compete in a special final race for a chance to win some great prizes. We have limited space in the race due to time restraints and can only accept 48 pilots, so not all pilots who apply will qualify for the race. Pilot registration will close June 12th 2016 and we will email all pilots after signup letting everyone know who was accepted to the races along with more details about your participation.

Registration is 60$ CAD and includes:
- 1 year MAAC membership worth 94$, this provides pilot insurance for all drone flying in Canada (required for this event).
- Both IDRA North American Cup Canadian Qualifier and the Canadian Qualifier for the Drone World Championships

If you already have a MAAC membership, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., you will be asked for your MAAC membership number and the fee for both events is $40

* MAAC membership expires December 31st 2016, Renewable via FPV MTL membership for 2017 year
* All pilots are eligible to race, but only Canadian residents can qualify for the NA Cup or the Drone Worlds
* This event will happen rain or shine, so be prepared!  but it will be a nice sunny day in Montreal!


Entry to two qualifiers for international events 

1. IDRA North american cup Canadian qualifier Mini class

2. Canadian Qualifier for the Drone Nationals world championships mini class

3. Top 10 Canadian pilots of the day will be invited to join TEAM CANADA!

Technical requirements and organization:

-Base stations will be provided at the event. You will be able to connect to them either via a standard audio/video jack (supplied) or an RCA cable (that you will have to supply).
-We will exclusively be using the 5.8Ghz frequency band for fpv video. All multirotors must be equipped with a raceband compatible video transmitter, with a maximum power of 250mW. If you are using a vortex pro, you will be asked to show that it is on it’s ‘low’ power setting (not ‘auto’ or ‘high’, settable in the OSD). We will not allow the stock 285 Vortex vtx. If you have a 285 vortex, please consider equipping it with another vtx (following for example these instructions
-In the week before the event, pilots will be assigned an antenna polarization and raceband channel. Please pre-set you multirotor(s) to the specified requirements before the event. You will be required to plug in your quad and prove you are on the right channel to check in (we will have a screen set-up to that effect at the check-in desk). You will not be checked in until you have the right antenna and the right channel.
-For both qualifiers you will have 2 chances and we will keep your best effort. The IDRA qualifier will be held as a maximum of laps in 2 minutes, while the Drone nationals qualifier will be ranked based on you 2 fastest consecutive laps. Time allowing, we will also hold an elimination race (quarter finals, semifinals etc.) between the top pilots for prizes. Please consider bringing both left hand and right hand antennas for the elimination races, as we will need to shuffle the pilot channels around.
-Please be at the event latest at 9.00am on saturday june 25th for pilot check-in. All pilots will have 1 practice session, and then 2 chances towards each qualifier, so a minimum of 5 rounds on the track in total. Power outlets will be available for charging but we advise you bring enough batteries.
-For timing we will be using the ilaps infrared transponder system. We advise that you bring your own transponder, but we will also be providing them. In the case its lost of broken you will be responsible for it and have to pay the cost of the transmitter. The transponders have a standard 3-pin servo connector and need to be powered on 5V. You can for example power them through a spare motor channel on your flight controller or though a BEC with a male servo connector.
- Multirotor specification:
    6 inch (152 millimeter) diameter maximum propeller size
    3-bladed and 4-bladed propellers allowed
    Maximum frame size 330 millimeter motor to motor, no minimum size
    Multirotor craft with 3, 4 or 6 motors
    4S maximum LiPo battery, maximum 4.2 volts per cell


Placing top 3 in each class will allow you to qualify to the next event in the series.

Please read these rules

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